Girly Sales Affiliate Marketing Program

GirlySales is an online clothing shop that delivers unique products to buy online. After offering great quality clothes and customer support we are offering influential people to make an extra income by advertising our products and getting paid back for those sales made. 

So what is affiliate marketing ? If you got an audience you can try and win some extra money through them. In our program we provide a total of 30% in commission of the total sale amount. This means if someone buys through you an amount of 1000 dollars, you will get 300 dollars profit. That is how easy you can make money without even being annoyed by processing the products or dealing with any clients. Everything is handled by GirlySales. The best part, you get paid through PayPal. Immediate payments fast delivery and safe to handle. 

Steps towards becoming an affiliate marketer

Step 1: You Open and Account at our Affiliate Program here: Join Now

Step 2: After you open the account you will be logged in your dashboard. 
There you can see all the necessary information. You will have an referral link for the homepage of the shop, or you can create specific referral links for products. 

In order to create referral links for products just copy the regular link of the product from and paste it the option (create link to specific page) (see pictures)

After copied the link enter it to the "Create link to specific Page" to create your own referral links as shown in the previous picture. All sales going thought that will add up on your account. 

Step 3: Share the link of the product or homepage to your audience. You can share the link anywhere you want. Once the customer clicks on the link it saves cookies up to 30 days. So if the customer does not buy after clicking the link once but comes back later to buy it still counts a sale for you. The system automatically counts all orders done through your referral links and ads up the 30% commission. You need to enter your PayPal Email in the settings of your dashboard in order to receive payments. 

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If you have any questions please feel free to Contact Us anytime.

GirlySales Marketing Team