Cloud Slippers Summer 2022

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Make the world feel softer than a marshmallow! Slide into heavenly comfort with the world's softest massage sandals.

I look forward to wearing these everyday! The softest feeling in the world, makes my feet so happy.
- Katerina M., USA

  • Extra Thick & Soft: 4.5cm thick premium moulded EVA platform sole - feels like walking on pillows. No chafing, no blisters.
  • Instant Pain Relief: Extra orthotic heel & arch support with acupuncture-style foot massage texture and cushioning.
  • Double Anti-Slip: Anatomical footbed with raised diamond texture, extra grip outsole with wave-shaped texture. No more sliding.
  • Light & Waterproof: Weighs less than your smartphone, totally waterproof and super easy to clean.
  • 100% Versatile: Lounging at home, in the shower, by the pool or just walking outside. Fully breathable and anti-odour.

There's a massage in every step.

Every corner of the Cloud Slippers has been softened, curved and cushioned to make sure that every step feels better than the last. Unlike regular sandals, you can now feel instant relief thanks to:

  • Moulded cup design that cradles and protects your feet from all sides.
  • Wide, thick and soft straps that feel like butter on the top of your feet.
  • Padded toe protection that's rounded in the front, perfect with or without socks.

The softest feeling in the world.

This is where your feet want to be - Cloud Slides make everything feel better.

  • Diamond Footbed Texture: Gently massages the foot like an accupunture therapy treatment with each step.
  • 4.5cm Thick Support: Therapeutic heel & arch cushioning that compresses and relaxes your feet with each step.
  • Wave Shaped Grip: Perfect for wet surfaces - never slip again with the outsole with extra shape, texture and hold.

Feel the pain melt away.

The incredible softness reduces the pressure of walking - the heel is angled at 15° higher than the toe, easing the pressure and distributing the weight of each step.

You'll feel instant relief for your sore feet, ankles, knees, and hips.

Now is the time to treat yourself.

Why not give yourself something to look forward to every time you get home? Keep them by the door, next to your bed - or even just outside the shower for instant gratification when you need it.

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