PeriodWear Panties (3-Pack)

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Say Goodbye To TAMPONS And PADS, checkout our Period-Proof Panties.
Period Proof Underwear!

A better, cleaner, more comfortable and graceful way to live with our period. 
  • All-night Protection Get your 8 hours of beauty sleep even when you’re on your period. These panties offer overnight 360-degree protection
  • Soft Material, A Comfortable Wear Made of breathable material to ensure your comfort. Their super-absorbent core offers total protection while their panty-like t eliminates the chances of any discomfort.
  • Leak Proof Our 3-layer moisture-absorbent technology, allows you to move freely without feeling any discomfort or leakage! The extra-wide comfy inner absorbent lining stretches all the way from the front to the back.
  • Wash & Reuse These Panties are 100% Reusable, so you can say bye-bye to tampons and pads we all "love" so much... Not only do they cost us so much money, but they are also very bad for the environment! 

Who is this for?

Need to Stay Active
Pair your regular tampons, pads or cups with Period-Wear panties for that extra safety during a Yoga/Gym/Pilates session, while going on a hike or just about any physically activity.

I have really Heavy Periods
If you tend to have really heavy ow during your period, pair these panties with your regular pads, tampons or cups. They provide that extra protection with its wider back design to prevent any possible leaks.

When in doubt
Offers comfort & protection on days like the end of your period when you don’t know if its done yet. These work as a great alternative to wearing a tampon, pad or a cup all day long.

For Teenage Girls
Period wear gives teen girls a sense of security while their cycle is irregular & still regulating.

Prevent Accidental Leakages
They are a perfect companion for days with post-partum bleeding, urinary incontinence & light bladder leakages.

What about those Heavy-Flow Days?

PeriodWear Panties can absorb 20ml of menstrual fluid, which is equivalent to approximately 2 regular tampons, keeping you 'Leak Free' throughout the day or night, and 100% protecting your clothes and bed-sheets.

Pair it with a Tampon, a Sanitary Pad or a Menstrual Cup on those really heavy ow days. (After all you know your ow best)

Wash & Care

*Do not use Fabric Softener as it can damage the Leak resistant barrier

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