Secret Vibe Panties

€39.99 €79.99

Embark on an intense erotic encounter with the Secret Vibe panties. Slip on the ribbon-tie briefs and nestle the saddle-shaped vibrator onto your pearl, then pass the control to your lover and let them pleasure you.

20 frequency vibration modes and can be adjusted. 
Fit closely, vibrate and stimulate vagina, clitoris and nipples strongly, and you can wear it go out.
It is waterproof and mute, easy to clean.
Made of silicone, safe, soft, comfortable and skin-friendly.
Wireless remote control, easy to use.

App Info
1. Follow the music and use the music rhythm to control the vibration intensity
2. Sound Control: control the vibration intensity through sound size.
3. Shake mode: shake the mobile phone to control the vibration intensity
4. Vibration mode, 9 already included patterns can be selected.
5. Remote interaction, real-time video chat and text chat

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