The Professional FAT BURNER™ 6-IN-1 SLIMMING!

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  • Tighten your skin and Say Goodbye to cellulite with our new Professional 6-IN-1 Slimming & Beautifying machine™!
  • It's our premium device for an overall youthful and healthy skin. It uses 6 different treatment methods including 6 LED colors and Infrared rays.
  • Our premium device uses ultrasonic and vibration to enhance the absorption of nutrients into the skin which is fundamental to improve the skin appearance for the long-term.
  • It makes cellulite less visible.
  • Reduces the body fat percentage.
  • Clears and smooths the skin.
  • Removes skin impurities.
  • Safe and easy to use: The device doesn´t get hot
  • For body and facial skin treatment.
  • 100% Brand new & High quality!
  • Premium materials & not available in stores!
  • Free Worldwide Shipping & 100% Money-Back Guarantee!


The Effective Ultrasonic Facial and Body Beautifying Massager:
1MHz ultrasound frequency, 1 million times per second high-frequency microseisms can cause volume change and movement of each cell in body tissues, speed up metabolism and improve regeneration of the tissues, so you can lose weight and reduces the body fat percentage.

EMS treatment for thinning skin and body:
EMS Low Cycle Wave function, function in tendons and collaterals, can effectively appease various diseases, dredge tendons and collaterals, use microcurrent massage, electrical stimulation of muscle movement, achieve the effect of weight loss.

Vibratory massage function:
the vibration frequency of 8000-10000 can induce the activation of six proteins in the dermal tissue and help desalinate fine lines. Imitate the real person by touching, tapping, massaging, kneading, acupuncture, and moxibustion. Quickly and effectively reduce and alleviate severe chronic back pain, other types of body aches.

Infrared heat therapy device for skin rejuvenation:
far-infrared ray can penetrate subcutaneous tissue of the skin, promote atomic and molecular resonance of human cells, promote fat burning and accelerate blood circulation. Improves skin texture, anti-wrinkle, helps fight oily areas, tightens.

User-friendly design:
Mini and stylish appearance, comfortable and easy to use. Equipped with professional electrode gloves and glasses, safe and painless, to achieve your slimming dream.


  1. For optimal results drink 2 cups of water before the treatment to hydrate yourself.
  2. Clean skin and apply a skincare product on the skin and get the device ready for use.
  3. Use your desired mode and start the treatment.
  4. Start with low intensity and use on your facial skin only low intensity.
  5. Treatment shall not be over 20 minutes on the same skin area.
  6. Avoid any contact with your bone joints such as your knee area.
  7. If you use the EMS mode, avoid any skin contact with the metal head of the device!
  8. Use it only once per day.
  9. After the treatment clean your skin and the device.



  • The Professional 6-IN-1 Slimming & Beautifying machine™!



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